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This game is honestly amazing. One of the best simulations I've ever played- I downloaded software just to be able to play this with my Playstation controller. One thing I feel like I have to mention is that when I dive, it seems like a 50/50 change that I'll get stuck, and have to re-start. I can flap, I can hover, and I can move, but I'm seemingly glued to the spot. Took me a while to learn how to get the voles, which wasn't boring at all- but it was rather frustrating to have to restart it and start over whenever I got glictched. Grezt game nonetheless, and the aesthetics are matched by none.


3D TV VR box video side by side Phantom of the forest


Hey Mitch, Thanks for trying it out! I Hope you enjoyed your owl experience!

And thank you, half the mice with pleasure. :)