Concept Art Development Dev Diary

In this latest video, we take a look at the concept art development for our Great Grey Owl. We spent a great deal of time researching and developing our art to be both accurate to nature, while also maintaining an impressionistic, painterly look that captures the feeling of landscape paintings. Finding the balance between accuracy and artistic expression has been a constant balancing act. Luckily we have a very talented art team with a background in traditional mediums such as sculpture and oil painting, which was critical for being able to really hone in on the style we were after. Our lead artist Devin spent many days modeling and remodeling the trees in Speedtree, as well as sculpting and re-sculpting with ZBrush and Maya to come the the final look. This developer video showcases some of the painting skills of David Oro, our concept artist. While concept art can be time consuming, we ultimately felt it was worth it in the long run as it helped define our artistic goal and gave direction to the rest of the art pipeline. Enjoy this developer video as we take you from initial sketches to a full featured owl.

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